Originally mostly used for soccer fields, artificial turf is now found in many forms in a variety of locations. For artificial turf to improve the service life of the grass is not only in the post maintenance, but throughout the process from grass selection, construction and post maintenance:

I. Selection of artificial turf

There are many types of artificial turf, including monofilament grass, straight grass, mesh grass, leisure grass, landscape grass, etc. When choosing the simulation turf, different courses also need to use different simulation grass turf, and importantly, to choose the right specifications, the same artificial turf has different specifications, different artificial turf use life is also different.

II. Artificial turf construction phase

The construction of artificial turf mainly involves the quality of the foundation and some problems in the process of laying artificial turf. Artificial turf generally use the foundation foundation is cement foundation and asphalt foundation, in the process of artificial turf laying at the same time also pay attention to the filling of auxiliary materials are mainly rubber particles and quartz sand.

III. Artificial turf regular maintenance

The service life of artificial turf is not only determined by the quality and construction of the artificial turf itself, but also closely related to the post maintenance. If the late maintenance is not in place then the service life of the good simulation lawn is also very short.
The later maintenance must pay attention to the artificial turf site to avoid smoking and fire and snacks. Always pay attention to the artificial turf whether there is degumming off line situation and instant repair. The service life of artificial turf is affected by many aspects, we can't just maintain it from a single aspect, we must pay attention to the service life of simulated turf throughout the process from the beginning, only then can we improve the service life of simulated turf.