Sunwing is the leading manufacturer of artificial grass in China, we provide artificial grass for home, work, and sports.

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Artificial Grass For Residential Landscaping

Replacing Natural Grass With Synthetic Turf For Residential House!

Its home where everybody tries to make it looks elegant - the surrounding lawn lush and inviting year-round. Replacing natural grass with Sunwing artificial grass will reduce annual maintenance bills and give individuals more time to enjoy life in the yard. Several cost-effective options are available for creating the perfect waterless lawn. Easy to install. Easy to enjoy.

In addition, for environmental reasons, the water consumption of maintaining a real lawn is not to be underestimated, while the fertilizers and pest and weed control chemicals used will enter the water cycle and pollute the environment. With artificial turf, there is no such concern, and will quickly pay itself pack with the money saved on your water bill.


  • Conserves Water
  • Reduced Maintenance Time And Costs
  • Recyclable
  • Reduces Need For Weed Killer And Chemicals
  • Factory Direct Supply
  • Lead-Free - Non-Toxic