Sunwing has been a renowned faux plants supplier in China for over 15 years and has successfully maintained its name in the artificial plant industry by providing top-quality faux plants. These faux plants include a wide range such as faux hedge panels, artificial potted plants, artificial grass, etc. This article is only going to be about the artificial grass wholesale.
Sunwing provides artificial grass wholesale to distributors, retailers, and end customers. The faux turf is best suited for residential and commercial buildings as well as sports fields. Their usage involves backyards, hotels, schools, recreational areas, pet activity areas, event venues, urban landscaping, etc.
But wait, there’s more to Sunwing artificial grass wholesale. Are you interested in knowing about it? keep on reading.
I will discuss with you the raw materials used in the production of artificial grass, its manufacturing process, how to judge the quality of artificial turf, and lastly precautions for wholesale artificial turf.

1. What kind of material is artificial grass?

The Sunwing artificial grass is made of one of the following materials:
(1)Polypropylene (PP)
(2)Polyethylene (PE)
So, we can say that the material of artificial turf is plastic yet this plastic is different from ordinary plastic. How? The plastic used in Sunwing artificial grass contains flame retardants making the grass fireproof. In case a fire breaks out, only a small portion of the grass will burn and not as a whole.
Different types of artificial turf have different prices, but if you want a fireproof faux turf, it will cost you a little more but the quality will be unmatched.

2. How is artificial grass manufactured?