Artificial grass is a very popular new commodity in recent years, and a large number of artificial turf sports venues have been laid in China. Among the global market share of artificial grass in recent years, the Chinese market has grown the most rapidly, and artificial grass manufacturers are increasingly interested in the Chinese market.

Competition in the artificial grass industry continues to intensify, and many artificial grass manufacturers do not hesitate to reduce the quality of their products. What are the criteria for judging the pros and cons of artificial grass? The judgment of the pros and cons of artificial grass can be measured from the following four aspects:

First, the production process:

The production process of artificial grass includes four main processes: selection of raw materials, wire drawing, weaving, and gluing. The stretchability of artificial grass filaments (20%-35% is in the normal range), breaking strength (≥110N), and breaking time are indicators to measure the pros and cons of artificial grass.

Second, production of raw materials:

The raw materials of the artificial grass line, it is mainly made of high-durability polyethylene (PE) material. The artificial grass produced has good sports performance, and the artificial grass can quickly return to its original state after lodging.

There are many low-cost artificial grass products on the market, which not only use ordinary artificial grass PE materials, but also a large number of artificial grass recycled materials or inorganic substances. After a period of use, artificial grass will be powdered, and people will inhale the powder during exercise, which will cause great harm to the body.

Third, the base cloth:

The base cloth and mesh cloth determine the anti-aging ability and breaking strength of artificial grass. Under normal circumstances, the lateral breaking strength, longitudinal breaking strength, and burst strength of high-quality artificial grass base fabric and mesh fabric are 40% higher than the performance of the same base fabric in China.

Fourth, adhesive

The adhesive coating uses imported styrene-butadiene latex, which has good performance gloss, strong adhesion, and suitable viscosity. After gluing, artificial grass must be tested for binding force, glue dryness, abrasion test, physical properties of artificial grass, flame retardancy, etc., and finally pass the test The qualified products undergo a post-finishing process and roll packaging.

In short, to distinguish the quality of artificial grass, not only by appearance, but also by the detailed parameters of the product, and certainly not just in terms of price.

To sum up, to distinguish the quality of artificial grass, it cannot be judged only by the appearance, nor can it be compared only by the price, it is important to measure from the specific parameters of the artificial grass product.