"Artificial" and "Nature" have always been topics that people are keen on. In the industrial civilization society, human beings strive to build a reasonable relationship between man and nature and create a high degree of harmony between human society and nature. Then, a bionic design that follows nature is the perfect solution.Biomimetic design is a process of learning from nature for a long time. After accumulating experience, we select and improve its function and form to create better man-made objects. Artificial turf is a biomimetic created by people that have excellent characteristics, pursues freshness and simplicity of form, and pays attention to the return to simplicity and personality of products.

In the 1960s, the United States invented an artificial turf called "Astro" in a military project. Its durable, affordable and easy-to-maintain properties made it a substitute for natural turf, and it was soon used in American football and baseball. stadium. Because the friction force of astroturf is stronger than that of natural turf, the cushioning force during exercise is reduced, resulting in an increase in injured athletes, and even a special disease has been derived: Rastro toe, due to the large toe and the A serious injury caused by the crushing of the synthetic material on the ground, squeezing the toes against the surface of the foot, tearing ligaments and other tissues.

Athletes' discomfort with training on artificial turf can also create problems. Athletes don't always feel safe training on very hard artificial turf. Many people have complained that the soccer ball does not bounce properly because the artificial turf causes the ball to spin abnormally and skew. The inevitable result of these problems combined is that many sports fields are converted back to natural turf. The possibility that a big-money signing could be injured on artificial turf and potentially spend the rest of his career rehabilitating is undoubtedly a concern to club owners.In order to replace this easily scratched artificial turf, polyethylene fiber turf was born. Beneath this fiber is artificial dirt. It is generally a mixture of quartz sand and rubber particles, and has good drainage, making it feel like stepping on natural turf. The problem of increased injuries in the past has also been addressed.
In a 2003 study of sports medicines, Dr. Bill Bashir said that new artificial turf would be safer than natural turf in the long run. Because of the inconsistency of natural turf growth, natural turf wears down and loses its softness, increasing the likelihood of ankle or other injuries.

The problems of high utilization intensity and extremely unfavorable growth conditions of natural turf are an important way to solve the problems that natural turf is not easy to grow and should not be built.
Compared with natural turf, artificial turf can be used around the clock and is less affected by rain and snow; maintenance is simple and maintenance costs are low; the material is environmentally friendly, and the surface layer can be recycled and reused.
However, because the artificial turf is made of chemical fiber materials and uses asphalt or concrete as the base layer, its surface hardness is high and its cushioning performance is poor, which can easily cause ankle and knee injuries to athletes; at the same time, its surface temperature changes greatly, especially In summer, the high temperature can reach 52°C. Such a high temperature will have a great impact on the athletes' competitive state and environment.