Artificial turf was originally manufactured for sports as a solution to the high maintenance costs associated with natural turf. As time flows, artificial turf is no longer confined to one corner, it continues to expand its living space, sprouting and growing quietly in the complex and perse human social environment, silently integrating into all aspects of human life, homes, companies, leisure places, public facilities, blossoming in the daily life that people can see everywhere and are most easily ignored.
In a home situation, artificial turf does not need to be soaked by rain on top and nourished by land underneath. Since there is no soil, cleanup is simple and easy. It is not as attractive to mosquitoes as real grass, saving people from bites; it does not need to be mowed, because it is born in the best way. It is not affected by climatic conditions and does not require care conditions, so it is the best choice to use artificial grass to construct a green space in your courtyard or balcony.

Although artificial turf has become a trend, there is no denying that it still has its flaws. As time passes, just like young people moving into old age, and hair turning into sideburns, artificial grass will inevitably fade and even fall off. However, its service life is generally 5-8 years, which is more or less "humane" compared to natural grass, which is born in spring and dies in autumn. Artificial turf can be recycled after it reaches the end of its service life, eliminating impurities and debris that may be contained in it, and recycling the foam produced can be used for wrestling mats, floor heating insulation.
Review the life of artificial turf: born from the birth line and into the human family. Children play on it and adults step off it. It feels the serenity of holding and reading under the warm afternoon breeze with its male owner, and it likes to gaze at the busy figure of its female owner in the kitchen. It carried the weight of a family and witnessed the joy of a family. By the time it was abandoned, it was cut and made into another kind of man-made object, witnessing human life in another capacity. Billions of years have passed, and it has decayed into the origin of this world.
Sunwing artificial turf allows you to eliminate the need for turf maintenance and save considerable maintenance costs. We strive for professionalism in every detail, from design planning, to construction and meeting the needs of our customers.