Today, artificial grass products on the market are dazzling, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right artificial grass according to your needs. Let us tell you how to distinguish the pros and cons of artificial grass.

What are the characteristics of high-quality artificial grass?

1. Can withstand a lot of foot traffic/use

How often is your grass used daily? Be sure to consider foot traffic and usage when choosing a lawn. If you buy a product that cannot withstand heavy use, you may not get the full lifep of your new grass.

2. Look lush

If a lush, full look for the grass is important to you, pay special attention to stake height, thatch, infill, and density when purchasing. 
These elements all affect the natural appearance of artificial grass products. 
Also, take care to regularly maintain your synthetic turf with a lawn rake or electric broom to keep the grass's fluffy, plush look and prevent matting. 

3. Durable

Dense turf means more synthetic yarn per square foot of turf. The denser your grass, the more durable it will be. But the price will be more expensive. If your budget doesn't allow you to buy premium turf, you can also opt for less expensive turf. with almost no traffic. Choosing a good infill is also a trick to making the turf look "fuller". Artificial grass is used 24 hours a day in heat, cold, sun, dust and rain. The material of artificial turf is very durable and can withstand high levels of foot traffic for many years with only the occasional hose down and fluff for maintenance. 

4. Good resilience

The best artificial grasses are specifically designed to resist matting and laying flat. 
The turf fibers should return to their upright position as you walk through them. The support of your turf helps its toughness. High-grade turf does not expand and contract in extreme temperatures.
on the other hand, We recommend using infill in lawn installations,The better infill you use, the more resilient your lawn will be.

5. Good drainage capacity

Quality lawn drainage is also an important consideration when choosing the best artificial turf. For example: when buying a lawn for your own pet, it is important that water and pet urine can pass through your lawn and into the underlying substrate, for this, the liquid must pass through the lawn's backing. 

6. Realistic Colors

The beauty of modern artificial turf is not only how much it looks like natural grass, but how closely it can mimic different types of grass. So before buying, you can take a close-up photo, or grab a small patch of grass from a nearby lawn. Use this as a reference when choosing the color and texture of artificial grass for your lawn, so you can make sure your lawn matches the lawn around you. 

7. Good antibacterial properties

If you frequently have pets or children on your lawn, you should strongly consider using an artificial grass product with antimicrobial properties. 
In these products, antimicrobial additives are added during the manufacturing process. Helps prevent pet urine and germs and bacteria from producing odors, keeping artificial turf clean and healthy.
Be sure to review installation examples, product reviews, grass specifications, and more before purchasing options, and we also highly recommend getting a free sample of any grass before purchasing. This can give you a better idea of what the grass looks and feels like. You should proceed with caution if the seller does not offer free samples or a warranty.
There is no best artificial grass product or brand, different artificial grass products are suitable for different applications, below we will tell you a few things to look out for when buying. The applications of artificial turf are roughly divided into 5 categories, let us tell you what to pay attention to when purchasing.

1.How to choose artificial grass for Backyards & Balconies?

How to choose artificial grass for Backyards & Balconies

One of the most common applications of artificial grass is in patios. 
The key features of artificial grass for backyards are high surface weight and long pile height to ensure that it can withstand a certain amount of foot traffic. We also recommend using a cooling infill to give your patio lawn a lush look, in addition to that if your area Has a lot of heavy rain, you should look for a turf product with a well-permeable backing for maximum drainage.Here we launch a Highly Permeable Eco Landscape Grass,This high-permeability eco-friendly grass adopts a new design backing, which is breathable and has a long eco-friendly life.
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2.How to choose artificial grass for pets?

 How to choose artificial grass for pets?

Pet friendly artificial grass has become popular in recent years as homeowners recognize the value of creating a pet-friendly backyard.
Whether you're considering replacing your entire lawn or want to build a runway, choose grass with a fully permeable backing for pet urine to pass through. Because its antibacterial properties prevent the build-up of odors and bacteria, evaporative cooling protects your pet's paws.

3.How to choose artificial grass around swimming pool?

How to choose artificial grass around swimming pool? 

Many homeowners choose to install fake grass around swimming pools. The best artificial grass around the swimming pool will have a fully breathable backing that allows splashing pool water to drain, rather than forming puddles and breeding bugs and bacteria. Perforated drainage holes on the fake grass backing allow full water penetration. Very convenient around the pool! Second, it is a non-slip surface. It is very important to walk around the pool with wet feet and not slip and fall.
It also looks more natural than other types of pool wrapping surfaces, such as paving, and adding lush green grass around your pool can be a bit more subtle.

4.How to choose artificial putting green?

How to choose artificial putting green?

For home greens, choose grass with a short stake height of about ½ to ¾ inches. 
The best putting green products will contain nylon fibers. If you want something fancy, you can choose between two different stake heights to differentiate between the greens and the fairways. When you prepare your greens, make sure there are no rocks, rough spots, uneven areas, or debris that can affect your golf game. Plus, choose a high-quality filler that will keep the golf ball rolling consistently on the greens.

5.How to choose artificial grass for playgrounds & play areas?

How to choose artificial grass for playgrounds & play areas? 

Fully permeable backing is ideal for artificial grass for playground. Choose antibacterial products to reduce germs, odors, and germs.

As for the artificial grass itself, the best artificial grass for playgrounds and play areas should have a good layer of thatch, as it provides extra traction and drops cushioning. You can even place a foam pad under the artificial turf for added padding. That way it's durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic.

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